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Kevin Bradford - Graphic DesignerMany businesses function on the basis of repetitive processes—people doing the same things over and over again. Those that do often employ a hodgepodge of software titles and tools to make their internal processes cohere enough to actually be functional. But what if you could use just one piece of software—built to suit your business and its needs! Well, you can.  Using Apple’s Filemaker® Pro software, I can build a database-backed, script-driven program, custom-suited to your business’s needs.

I run into businesspersons all the time who say they use Quickbooks® to manage things like production scheduling, inventory, customer relations management and estimating, to name some of the more common ones.  Is there anything wrong with this?  Not inherently, no.  If the system you use never leaves you wishing there were a better way, then you’ve got a great system, I’d say.  But I hear far more “wishing” that Quickbooks could do this thing or that, than I do praise for how Quickbooks manages a production environment or a multi-site inventory.  No surprise there, as Quickbooks was designed to manage accounting data.  And I don’t mean to pick on Quickbooks; it is a great program and I use it for my own business—because that’s what it’s built for, and it does it well!

Time to Build a Custom System?

It’s when using the system you’ve put together—out of necessity, and for lack of knowing or having access to a better way—cost you more time than it saves you…that’s when you might start looking beyond the status quo.  “But custom software is expensive!” you say.  That’s true enough. If it weren’t, everyone in the world would be using custom software and there would be no market for products like Quickbooks.  But if business owners were to sit down and add up the monthly costs they invest in their various data- and operations-management systems, they might be surprised how how much they’re paying for a system they don’t like and which doesn’t do what they want.  Who wants to pay for something they don’t like, and which doesn’t work how they want?  No one.  But pretty much everyone does.

The “Custom Software” service I offer aims to replace clunky, jury-rigged data-management solutions with a system that does what you want, and for less per month than the business is currently paying.

Also consider MicroApplications

Related to our custom software service is our new MicroApplications service.  Think “custom software,” but on the task- or micro-level.

I’d like to build a custom software application for your business.  Call me and schedule a complimentary evaluation of your current system.  (541) 403-2090

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